Symmetric Solutions is an Engineering Innovative Design Unit, delivering training and services of CAD-CAM-CAE on design software to various International and national Industries, corporate companies and individual personals. Each engineer is play a dynamic role to develop our country. We at Symmetric Solution completely understand the potential of various Engineering areas like, Mechanical Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Production engineering and Civil Engineering. They are performing dynamic role in Country’s Progress and Economy. So, why can’t we develop their skill by a specialize courses to grow our nation! We offer dedicated training courses that focus on the use of the world’s leading 3D parametric, associative & feature based modeling software, in a project oriented environment with emphasis on the design philosophy used in creating Parts, Drawings, Assemblies, Manufacturing programs and Analysis.

Our Offering for Training

We are well aware about today’s scenario and value of fresher engineer. That’s why we have started a new way to develop an interest in engineering student about their carrier and bright future. We treat hem unique training methods and courses that improves their identity as an engineer.

We are offering

  • Training for Mechanical Engineering student (B.E./B.Tech, Diploma, ITI)
  • Training for Production Engineeringstudent (B.E./B.Tech, Diploma, ITI)
  • Training for Automobile Engineering student (B.E./B.Tech, Diploma, ITI)
  • Training for Civil Engineering student (B.E./B.Tech, Diploma, ITI)

Symmetric Solution is among India’s top growing institute for CAD/CAM/CAE. Moreover our experts for training are from different industries having a vast and enough experience to treat them with their expertise.

Our offering for CAD/CAM/CAE and many more courses can be found just by clicking the button next !

Our mission

Our aim to enhance software knowledge in each student by providing extraordinary guidance by our highly qualified and industrial experts and world class facilities.
We always believe in “Excellence at the Best”.

Our mission to take toughest problem and replying with a perfect solutions for industry.

We provide many facilities on campus. Complete list can be found by clicking the button next !

Facilities We Provide

Library section

First learning always starts with reading and so we provide library section for those enthusiastic learners who want to learn something more about CAD-CAM-CAE, Interior/Exterior Design or want to improve basic fundamentals. We have everything which improves your knowledge.

Wi-Fi Campus

We provide high speed Wi-Fi at our campus to take references from World Wide Web. Students can learn through online tutorials and videos. Students also get help from social media. They can get aware about latest industrial design with the help of internet service. Students also can use Wi Fi service in their wireless device.

Audio- video Room

Audio-Video Presentation room adds value in knowledge improvement process session. This ultra-Modern Wi-Fi enabled Audio- Video room actually helps to increase a grasping ability by providing a live atmosphere to learn. In a Large LED screen details are much crisper and Dolby digital sound system makes a sound very noticeable so one can’t miss a single valuable information.

Design Lab

We are having highly configured Workstation specially dedicated to student for their practice and learning purpose. Our furniture and interior of design lab is ergonomically designed. So student can work comfortably. Students can also work on their own laptops if they have.

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